Air Optix Aqua from Alcon Laboratories, Inc. are designed to help eyes stay fresh and white throughout the day. They provide unbelievable comfort and can be worn up to 6 continuous days and nights.

With their plasma treated lens surfaces Air Optix Aqua contact lenses resist deposits and a unique moisture agent binds with the lens surface to create a more silky layer. This allows the eyelid to easily glide over the lens. Introduced in 2008, Air Optix Aqua are the latest spherical silicone hydrogel lenses available from Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Features and Benefits of Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses

  • A 30% lower contact angle (compared to Air Optix) increases wettability.
  • For additional wearing comfort, a unique wetting agent (with hydrophilic properties) lets the eyelid easily glide over the lens.

Who should wear Air Optix Aqua?

  • People who are looking for breathable monthly lenses for healthy and extended overnight wear.

  • People who experience discomfort due to dryness when wearing contact lenses and are therefor looking for outstanding 24-hour comfort.

  • People that want to sleep with their lenses in.
  • People who want healthy looking eyes.

  • People with signs of corneal oxygen deficiency.

  • People who gave up on wearing contact lenses due to discomfort such as dry and itchy eyes.

What else should you know about Air Optix Aqua?

Prescription Parameters

  • The standard diameter is 14.2 mm.

  • The base curve is 8.6 mm.

  • Available powers range from -0.25D to -8.00D in 0.25 increments and from -8.50D to -10.00D in 0.50 increments or from +0.25D to +6.00D in 0.25 increments.

Lens Type

  • Air Optix Aqua are disposable soft contact lenses.

  • The replacement schedule is 4 weeks based on daily wear with extended wear up to 6 consecutive nights.

Material and other Technical Parameters

  • Air Optix Aqua Contacts are made of 67% polymer (Lotrafilcon B) and 33% water.

  • The non-edge corrected Dk/t value is 138.

  • The center thickness is 0.8 mm at -3.00D.

Package Details

  • 1 box contains 6 visibly tinted lenses. Each contact lens is shipped sterile in a blister pack containing a phosphate buffered saline solution.


  • Alcon Laboratories, Inc. - a Novartis company

Release Date

  • Air Optix Aqua was introduced in 2008.


Common Misspellings

  • Common naming variations and misspellings for Air Optix Aqua include Air Optics Aqua, O2 Optix Aqua, 02Optix Aqua, O2Optix Aqua, 02 Optics Aqua and O2 Optics Aqua.