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  1. BBC News

    I was blinded by my contact lens - BBC News
    BBC News
    A rare infection left Irenie Ekkeshis blind in one eye - and it seems she may have caught it simply by handling her contact lenses with wet fingers.

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    Analysis finds high infection rates with contact lens than with LASIK...
    Which causes fewer eye infections - contact lens wear or LASIK surgery? While traditionally contacts were thought to be safer than a surgical procedure, ...

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  3. B+L contact lens recycling program gains momentum
    More than 1,800 optometry offices have signed up to recycle used contact lenses and blister packs through the free program, developed by Bausch + Lomb, in collaboration with TerraCycle, according to a Bausch + Lomb press release. Through the ...

  4. Gizmodo

    Scientists Are Developing a Contact Lens That Tells You When You...
    Imagine a biosensing contact lens that can tell when your blood sugar is getting too low, or if there's something wrong with one of your organs. By leveraging the ...
    Bio-sensing contact lens could someday measure blood glucose...Phys.Org
    These Futuristic Contact Lenses Could Diagnose Cancer From Your TearsMen's Health
    Contact lenses may replace finger-prick tests in diabetes | Daily Mail...Daily Mail

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  5. Research and Markets - Contact Lenses Market 2014-2017 & 2025...
    Yahoo Finance
    The surging acceptance of contact lens in sports activities and outdoor activities is expected to boost the market growth. The increasing acceptance of cosmetic ...

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  6. Forbes

    These Smart Contact Lenses Could Painlessly Monitor Diabetes
    Researchers envision a contact lens packed with as many as 2,000 sensors made from the ultra-thin, transparent semiconducting material indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO). Gregory Herman helped develop IGZO-based displays for the company Sharp. Now a ...
    Future contact Lenses May Detect Blood Sugar Levels For...Science Times
    'Smart' Contact Lens That Can Detect Sickness Already in the Works...Nature World News
    Oregon State University Scientists Develop Bio-Sensing Contact...University Herald
    GineersNow (press release) (registration) (blog) -Yahoo Singapore News
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  7. Futurism

    New Bio-Sensing Contact Lenses Will Utterly Transform Our Lives
    These futuristic contact lenses are still very much in the prototype phase, though the researchers hope to complete animal testing in the coming year. Even though they won't be hitting pharmacy shelves anytime soon, given that researchers have access ...
    Smart Contact Lenses May One Day Test Sugar LevelsLive Science
    Future contact lenses may measure glucose, detect cancer, monitor drug useDigital Trends
    Biosensor Contact Lens for Blood Glucose DetectionAZoSensors
    Controlled Environments Magazine -Wareable
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  8. Fortune

    Why Venture Capitalists Are Excited About This Contact Lens Startup
    It was 2015, and Joel Wishkovsky had run out of contact lenses. He didn't have time to physically go to the doctor, so he filmed himself doing a visual acuity test at his local drugstore, sent it to an ophthalmologist friend, and got a prescription a ...

  9. Medgadget (blog)

    Transparent Sheets of Field Effect Transistors for Glucose Sensing Contact Lenses
    Medgadget (blog)
    At Oregon State University researchers are working on integrating biosensors into contact lenses that may one day allow for non-invasive glucose testing, monitoring of various diseases, and tracking of pharmacokinetics of clinical compounds. The ...

  10. Yahoo Finance

    NovaBay's intelli-Case Can Safely and Effectively Disinfect Contact Lenses, CEOCFO Magazine Reports
    Yahoo Finance
    An estimated 41 million Americans wear contact lenses. The lenses help people see, and offer freedom from glasses at work and at play. But to wear contact lenses safely and to prevent potentially serious eye infections, lenses must be fully sterilized ...

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