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Most of us are familiar with the term 20/20 vision - an expression for good, normal eye sight. Did you know that there are more than 190 Million people in the US wearing eye glasses or contact lenses every day to achieve 20/20? Optix-now is your independent source for learning more about vision care, vision care products, treatment options, lens technologies, manufacturer rebates, free trials and more. We want to give you the information and tools you need, so you can have an informed discussion with your eye care practitioner. Are you looking for an eye care practitioner? Try our Practitioner Finder.

There is nothing mysterious about wearing contact lenses. It simply changed the way I see and the way I look.

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Almost everyone can wear contact lenses. There are lenses that help compensate for poor eyesight. There are lenses to change or enhance the color of your eyes. There are lenses for age-related vision correction, a condition called presbyopia. And there are lenses for people with astigmatism, a common imperfection in the curvature of the cornea.

Myth 1

Just last week a good friend told me, that the cost of wearing contact lenses can be really high.

Myth 2

I am 48 and need reading glasses to read a menu in a restaurant. There are no contacts for my age group.

Myth 3

Do I need to see an eye care practitioner before getting into contact lenses?


Contact lenses can be broken down into three major vision correction types and two major replacement types. Besides standard lenses, there are contacts for presbyopia or astigmatism as well as color lenses. And you can choose between daily disposable lenses and weekly/monthly replaceable lenses. A lot of choices? Yes. And, there is certainly a lens for your correction needs and your lifestyle. Here is a small selection of the best daily disposable contact lenses.

Top Daily Replaceable Lenses




The most convenient way is to go with daily disposable lenses. You insert them in the morning and toss them in the evening. No cleaning, no storing and a fresh pair every day. And if you are more budget conscious, choose weekly or monthly replaceable lenses. After all, the lens cleaning routine is not that complicated.



Every eye is different. Make an appointment with an Eye Care Practitioner. They are the experts and only they can determine the accurate prescription parameters and provide you with the right alternatives. Ask for a free trial - most manufacturers offer free trial lenses. That way you can try out different lens options, and find out which lens works best for you.