ACUVUE OASYS 1-DAY versus DAILIES AquaComfort plusThe most convenient way to wear contact lenses is - without any doubts - through the use of daily disposable lenses. All top brands offer daily replaceable contacts and as prices are coming down, their usage is getting more and more popular. The advantages are obvious: No cleaning routine, a fresh pair of lenses every day, and a reduced chance of getting eye infections caused by contaminated lenses. As their names already suggest, ACUVUE OASYS® 1-DAY and Alcon's DAILIES AquaComfort Plus are two examples in this increasingly popular lens category. While ACUVUE OASYS® 1-DAY is a silicone hydrogel based lens, Alcon decided to use a non-ionic hydrogel called Nelfilcon A. This might not mean a lot to you - the patient - but the choice of materials in combination with the wetting agents impact wearing comfort. And in this comparison, we are looking at two very different lenses. ACUVUE OASYS® 1-DAY trumps with the ability to let a high level of oxygen pass through the lens to the eye, while DAILIES AquaComfort Plus impresses with a high amount of water stored in the material. So it's down to breathability versus wettability and for most patients, one of the two factors is more critical.

But there are other things to point out. ACUVUE OASYS® 1-DAY is available in two base curves, giving your eye care practitioner flexibility in the fitting process. And getting a lens with the right base curve is crucial. As reported by one of our site visitors, switching to a lens with a different base curve (but same product) had a positive impact on comfort, dryness and red eyes. There is a higher price tag attached to the UV light-absorbing ACUVUE OASYS® 1-DAY lens. A 90-box supply costs about $78 to $87, while you pay $50 to $60 for 90 DAILIES AquaComfort Plus lenses.

ACUVUE OASYS® 1-DAY and DAILIES AquaComfort Plus: Spec Sheets

ACUVUE® OASYS 1-DAY with HydraLuxe

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus

Product Image Acuvue Oasys 1-DAY Dailies AquaComfort Plus
Price Comparison

Lowest price found:

90 Pack: $75.69

Lowest prices found:

30 Pack: $22.26

90 Pack: $51.69

Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. Alcon Inc.
Release Date July 2016 2009
Prescription Parameters
Replacement Schedule Daily Daily
Wearing Details Daily wear Daily wear
Sphere Powers -12.00D to +8.00D in 0.25 steps
and in 0.5 steps after +-6.00D
+0.50D to +6.00D in 0.25 steps
-0.50D to -6.00D in 0.25 steps
-6.50D to -10.00D in 0.50 steps
Base Curves 8.5 mm
9.0 mm
8.7 mm
Diameters 14.3 mm 14.0 mm
Technical Parameters
FDA Group V-C II
Lens Material Silicone hydrogel
(Senofilcon A)
Non-ionic hydrogel
(Nelfilcon A)
Lens Design Spherical Spherical
Wetting Agents Yes
% of Material 62% 31%
Water Content 38% 69%
Center Thickness 0.085 mm 0.10 mm
Oxygen Transmission 121 Dk/t 26 Dk/t
Modulus 0.72 MPa 0.5 MPa
Other Features
Special Features
UV Blocking Class 1
>90% UVA
>99% UVB
Dynamic Light Absorption No No
Visibility Tint Yes
Light Blue
Inside-out Mark Yes Yes
Packaging, Pricing and Offers
Packaging Details 30 or 90 lenses per box,
each lens in a foil-sealed plastic package
30 lenses per box or
90 lenses per box
Price Range $76 - $116 (90 lenses)
$22 - $69 (30 lenses)
$52 - $83 (90 lenses)
Cost per Day $0.84 - $1.29 (90 lenses)
$0.74 - $2.30 (30 lenses)
$0.57 - $0.92 (90 lenses)
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