1-DAY ACUVUE® TruEye® was introduced in August 2008 in the UK.  Since then Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. has launched this exciting product in many countries including the US and Canada.  The chart below provides a complete overview by country so you can come back and check for updates.


Europe / Africa


Austria Yes
Belgium Yes
Czech Republic Yes
Denmark Yes
Finland Unknown
France Yes
Germany Yes
Hungary Yes
Israel Yes
Italy Yes
Luxembourg Yes
Netherlands Yes
Norway Yes
Poland Yes
Russia Yes
South Africa Yes
Spain Yes
Sweden Yes
Switzerland Yes
United Kingdom Yes



Argentina No
Brazil Yes
Canada Yes
Chile No
Colombia No
Costa Rica No
Equador No
El Salvador No
Guatemala No
Honduras No
Mexico No
Panama No
Peru No
Paraguay No
United States Yes
Uruguay No
Venezuela No



Australia Yes
China Yes
Hong Kong Yes
India No
Indonesia No
Japan Yes
Korea Yes
Malaysia Yes
New Zealand Yes
Taiwan Yes
Thailand Yes
Singapore Yes