ACUVUE VITA versus BAUSCH+LOMB ULTRAACUVUE® VITA® from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is a monthly replaceable soft contact lens - just like the Bausch+Lomb ULTRA. Both lenses need to be taken out at night, so you won't be able to sleep in them. Made with a silicone hydrogel lens material, these two lenses come with similar water content and a high level of oxygen transmission. And while ACUVUE® VITA® provides UVA and UVB blocking (Class 1), you won't find this feature in the Bausch+Lomb ULTRA. ACUVUE® VITA® is also available with two base curves, giving your eye doctor more options in the fitting process. The daily cost per eye is almost identical. If your eye doctor is offering both, ask for trialing both lenses so you can determine which lens is more comfortable before purchasing a larger supply.

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA
Product Image Acuvue Vita Bausch + Lomb ULTRA
Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Release Date June 2016 2014
Prescription Parameters
Replacement Schedule Monthly Monthly
Wearing Details Daily wear Daily wear
Available Sphere Powers -12.00D to +8.00D
(in 0.5 steps after +-6.00D)
+6.00 to -6.00D in 0.25 steps
-6.00D to -12.00D in 0.5 steps
Available Base Curves 8.4 mm or 8.8 mm 8.5 mm
Available Diameters 14.5 mm 14.2 mm
Technical Parameters
FDA Group V V
Lens Material Silicone hydrogel
(Senofilcon C)
Silicone hydrogel
(Samfilcon A)
Lens Type Spherical Aspherical
Wetting Agent Yes
% of Material 59% 54%
% of Water 41% 46%
Center Thickness 0.07 mm 0.07 mm
Oxygen Transmission 147 Dk/t 163 Dk/t
Modulus Unknown 0.7 MPa
Other Features
Special Features - Hydramax for increased hydration
- Infinity Edge Design for additional comfort
- MoistureSeal Technology
- Aspheric Optics
UV Blocking Class 1
>90% UVA
>99% UVB
Dynamic Light Absorption No No
Visibility Tint Yes
(light blue)
Inside-out Mark Yes
Packaging, Pricing and Ratings
Packaging Details 6 lenses per box,
each lens in a foil-sealed plastic package
6 lenses per box,
immersed in a poloxamine solution
Price Range $42 - $60 $39 - $60
Cost per Day $0.23 - $0.33 $0.22 - $0.33
Special Offers - U.S.

Special Offers - Canada

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