As we are getting closer to the rollout (scheduled for the first half in 2019) of these new contact lenses, we were digging up some additional information from the official 510(k) pre-market notification. The filing is for ACUVUE® Soft Contact Lens with Photochromic Additive, a term used to describe the auto-darkening, dynamically light-absorbing feature many spectacle wearers have known and appreciated when using transitional glasses. The filing is covering a 'standard' lens to correct near/farsightedness as well as a toric and a multifocal version.

Based on the parameters provided in the filing, we have updated the spec sheet. One question we heard in the past, was whether this lens would also provide UV blocking similar to other ACUVUE OASYS® lenses and the answer is 'Yes'. With UVB blocking of >90% and UVA blocking of >99%, ACUVUE OASYS® with Transitions® qualifies as a Class 1 UV blocking lens.

The filing also mentions the following compatible cleaning solutions:

  • Clear Care® Plus Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution
  • RevitaLens® Blink® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution
  • OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution
  • Biotrue® Multi-Purpose Solution