Many contact lens manufacturers are offering special rebates - sometimes these rebates are being promoted on their product sites sometimes you can find special rebates that are made available by certain online retailers. For Air Optix Aqua we found online rebate offers tied into purchasing a certain number of boxes and then receiving a special rebate certificate from a participating online retailer. You can then submit this certificate on Alcon's rebate site (

Mail/Online-Order Rebate (offered by certain online retailers)

Latest Update for 2019 rebates:  While there are rebates available for other Alcon products, we couldn't find any manufacturer rebates for Air Optix Aqua. We will update this page, once a rebate will be available again.

In the meantime check out the following offers from AC Lens and, two of the leading contact lens online retailers in the US:

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Once available again, the following process applies:

How to receive the Air Optix Aqua Mail-in Rebate

Get an Eye Exam Get an eye exam from your eye care practitioner.
Buy your lenses Buy 4 boxes of Air Optix Aqua Lenses from a participating online store.
Mail in everything Receive a rebate certificate from the online store offering the rebate together with the purchased (and shipped) boxes.

Go to the Alcon rebate page and start the rebate process online by entering a rebate code which is located on the back of your rebate slip.

The rebate slip will be included in your order and shipped to you with your lenses unless otherwise noted in rebate terms. You will be asked to create a profile, enter your purchase info, and submit your rebate. At the end you can print an online form and mail in your rebate submission.

Attach the receipts and the box tops Collect the following:
  • UPC Codes (they are printed on each contact lens box, so just cut them all out).
  • A copy of the receipt of your eye exam or fitting consultation
  • The original product purchase receipt (copies are not accepted). The receipt must indicate the total number of boxes purchased.
Mail in everything Mail everything to the mailing address specified on the rebate certificate or provided on the rebate page.

Keep a copy of your receipts Keep a copy of your paperwork for your records.


Which online stores are offering a rebate?

We found the following online merchants offering a rebate for Air Optix Aqua:

As with any rebate offer, please check for additional restrictions as well as the retailer's site. We are updating this page regularly, but in case you found an error, please let us know - we try our best, but sometimes it's just not enough :-)

Additional Notes:

  • Rebates are subject to the availability of certificates so make sure you check with your ECP or store before completing any transaction.
  • Keep in mind that it can take up to 8 weeks for delivery of the rebate check or the VISA prepaid card.
  • Manufacturer might not accept submissions without an eye exam receipt.
  • Make sure to check the expiry date of the mail-in rebate and the postmark date (this is the date before which you have to take it to the post office and get it stamped).
  • Product purchases must be made within 90 days of exam.
  • Certain retailers might not offer this rebate - so it's best to check before purchasing any lenses.
  • The offer is limited to one rebate per person and the offer is not valid in combination with any other offer or rebate. Photocopy of the rebate certificate is not valid for redemption. No P.O. Boxes, only street and rural addresses are acceptable.
  • Fraudulent submissions could result in federal prosecution under the U.S. Mail Fraud Statutes (18 U.S. Code Section 1341 and 1342). Not responsible for lost, late, or undelivered responses. Any obligation of the manufacturer under this offer, and any check issued pursuant hereto, will expire and be null and void if check is not cashed or deposited within 90 days of issue.
  • Offer valid for purchases made in the U.S. and Puerto Rico only