If you are not sure whether Air Optix Aqua contacts are right for you, you might want to consider trying them for free. Like other manufacturers (i.e. Vistakon is offering free trials for many of their Acuvue products) CIBA Vision is offering a one month free trial for any of their Air Optix products, including Air Optix Aqua.

Now you can try them risk free - here is how it works:


Air Optix Free Trial

Visit CIBA Vision's Air Optix consumer site. You will find a free trial sign-up form valid for getting a 1 month supply of Air Optix Aqua.

After filling out the form, (you will have to enter your first name, last name and your email address), you should see a page containing your lens certificate.  You should also receive a copy of the certificate in your email. You can them print out the certificate and take it to your eye care professional at your next visit.  Your eye care professional will determine whether and which Air Optix product is right for you and then give you the free one month trial.

Your free trial certificate is valid for 3 months (although you could always submit your information again and print out a new one).

Note that this offer is only valid at certain eye care professionals and retailers that are participating in this free program offered by CIBA Vision. An Eye exam may be required. Any additional professional fees (such as for the eye exam or any fitting and consulting fees) are not included. Only your eye care professional can determine if Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are right for you. Void where prohibited by law.