DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric - Reviews

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New eyes
After several years without them, I picked up my first trial set of contacts last week. These are different than the acuvue lenses I wore 9-10 years ago. I never wore the toric lenses before because at the time I was just trying them out. I loved my acuvue lenses but got lazy and had some money/job issues that made me cut out that expense and just live in my glasses. Recently, although I love my 1-year old glasses, I've been wishing for more. More peripheral vision, mostly, so I used my flex-spending account for a contact exam. Of course my eyes were first rebelling against this foreign object but I got used to them, and love them. It's probably not the smartest move to start wearing them after a day staring at the computer at work, only to come home and play on the computer as well.
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