Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism

Today's astigmatic patients place new demands on their eyes. Using digital devices for many hours a day causes less blinking which contributes to lens dehydration.

Bausch+Lomb developed Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism - a daily disposable toric lens that offers a stable lens and provides comfortable and clear vision throughout the day.

What makes Biotrue ONEday special? First, there is Surface Active Technology, which forms a unique dehydration barrier, that helps the lens maintain 98% of its moisture for up to 16 hours. Then there is the toric design: Through high-speed videos, blink patterns of a range of patients were assessed. This allowed to evaluate various balancing mechanisms and distribution of thickness across the lens and determine the ideal combination of high-water materials for Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism.

The so-called Peri-Ballast Design has a unique thickness profile that capitalizes on the interaction of lid and blink forces to provide stability and comfort. In addition halos and glare is reduced, especially in low light conditions (e.g. when driving at night).

Two markers help with the handling of the lens: An orientation mark at the bottom (in the 6 o'clock position) helps when inserting the lens. Another - smaller - mark designates the axis of the cylinder power and therefore the location will vary by the axis.

Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism daily disposable contact lenses for longer moisture and comfortable vision throughout the day.