Bausch + Lomb INFUSE Multifocal

INFUSE Multifocal is a daily disposable silicone hydrogel soft contact lens developed by Bausch + Lomb. It represents the company's latest advancement in multifocal lens technology, offering wearers clear vision at all distances. Released in June 2023, INFUSE Multifocal combines various features and innovations to deliver exceptional visual performance and optimal comfort.

At the core of INFUSE Multifocal lies the proven 3-Zone Progressive Design™, which has been successfully utilized in Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia and Bausch + Lomb ULTRA for Presbyopia lenses. This design optimizes the lens for seven crucial biometrics, including pupil size, across nine critical distances. The result is the ability to achieve clear near and intermediate vision while maintaining excellent distance vision.

The lens itself is made from a cast-molded silicone hydrogel material known as Kalifilcon A. This material offers a high water content, surpassing 50%, classifying it as a V-B lens according to the FDA's classification system for silicone hydrogel soft contact lenses. For many patients, a greater water content contributes to improved comfort and moisture retention.

INFUSE Multifocal also incorporates UV blocking capabilities, classified as Class 2. While not a substitute for sunglasses, this feature provides added protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, supporting long-term eye health and safety.

To address common concerns of contact lens dryness and discomfort, Bausch + Lomb has introduced ProBalance Technology. This innovative hydration technology combines two wetting agents, Poloxamine 1107 and Poloxamer 181, with osmoprotecting ingredients like Erythritol and Glycerin, as well as essential electrolytes such as potassium found in the tear film. The combination of these components enhances comfort and helps alleviate dryness, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.

INFUSE Multifocal - Parameters and Detailed Specs

Bausch + Lomb INFUSE Multifocal

Product Image Bausch + Lomb INFUSE Multifocal
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Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Release Date June 2023
Prescription Parameters
Replacement Schedule Daily
Wearing Details info Daily wear
Sphere Powers -10.00D to +6.00D
(in 0.25 steps)
ADD Powers info Low: +0.75D to +1.50D
High: +1.75D to +2.50D
Base Curves info 8.6 mm
Diameters 14.2 mm
Technical Parameters
FDA Group info V-B
Lens Material Silicone hydrogel
(Kalifilcon A)
Lens Design Aspherical
Wetting Agents info Poloxamine 1107
Poloxamer 181
% of Material 45%
Water Content 55% (by weight)
Center Thickness info 0.08 mm
Oxygen Transmissibility info 134 Dk/t
Modulus info 0.5 MPa
Refractive Index info 1.4011
Other Features
Special Features info
UV Blocking info Class 2
>50% UVA
>95% UVB
Dynamic Light Absorption info No
Visibility Tint Yes
(light blue)
Inside-out Mark No
Packaging, Pricing and Offers
Packaging Details 30 lenses per box or
90 lenses per box
Online Retail Price info $127 - $155 (90 lenses)
Cost per Day info $1.41 - $1.72 (90 lenses)
Online Retailers info
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INFUSE Multifocal stands as a testament to Bausch + Lombs' continuous advancements in contact lens technology. By incorporating features such as the 3-Zone Progressive™ Design, high water content, UV blocking, and ProBalance Technology, it offers wearers a reliable solution for presbyopic vision correction and optimal comfort throughout the day.