Last update: Jan 20, 2022

Are you paying too much for your PureVision Toric contact lenses? There are many online retailers that offer great prices, special discounts & free shipping and they specialize on selling vision care products such as contact lenses, cleaning solutions, and prescription glasses.

Best Price PureVision Toric

But, buyer beware: Prices vary a lot based on the retailer, the number of boxes you buy, and the box size.

As of Jan 20, 2022, the best deal amongst popular U.S. contact lens retailers is from Lensabl. When you buy a box containing 6 lenses, you pay $47.99. At $8.00 per lens, this is the lowest cost per lens in our comparison. Visit Lensabl for this special offer.

All prices shown are in their local currency. Keep in mind that some retailers offer additional perks when you buy in bulk or when you sign up for a lens subscription program.

Prices for PureVision Toric in the U.S.

Offer Price per Box Per lens
6 lenses
20% off
use JAN20 at checkout

6 lenses


Prices for PureVision Toric in the U.K.

Offer Price per Box Per lens
WeLoveLenses UK
6 lenses
Free Shipping


Prices for PureVision Toric in Germany

Offer Price per Box Per lens
6 lenses
Free Shipping

6 lenses
Free Shipping


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