How can you save money when buying PureVision Toric contact lenses. Many people will look at rebates as a way to reduce the cost.  Like other contact lens manufacturers, Bausch + Lomb is offering a special mail-in rebate for PureVision lenses.  However there are two 'buts': First (we were trying to find some detailed information on their web site) it appears that the exact amount of how much you can save is not mentioned anywhere. Second, this rebate is only available through participating eye care professionals and stores.  So, you have to get the rebate details from your eye care professional. He/She will then provide you with a rebate code (after your purchase) that you can use to start the rebate process online.

The alternative to a mail-in rebate is to check for special rebates offered by contact lens online retailers.

How to receive the 2017 Mail-in Rebate

Get an Eye Exam Get an eye exam from your eye care practitioner.
Buy your lenses Buy your PureVision Torics from your participating ECP.
Receive a rebate certificate

Receive a rebate certificate code from your ECP and start the mail-in rebate process online (

Attach the receipts and the box tops Collect the following
  • UPC Codes (they are printed on each contact lens box, so just cut them all out).
  • A copy of the receipt of your eye exam or fitting consultation
  • The original product purchase receipt (copies are not accepted). The receipt must indicate the total number of boxes purchased.
Mail in

Mail everything to the mailing address provided during the online rebate process.

Keep a copy of your receipts It's wise to keep a copy of your paperwork for your records.

Note: Always check the fine print!

Online stores offering PureVision Toric rebates

1-800 CONTACTS - offers a One-and-Done rebate.  You buy 4 boxes of PureVision (the equivalent of an annual supply)  and 1-800 CONTACTS will send you - after the order has shipped - a link to a rebate page. You can then print out a form and send it back to the company.  They make the process very simple as you don't need to worry about UPC codes or an eye exam. -  doesn't offer an additional rebate, however their pricing is very competitive, so it's worth to check out their site.

As with any of these special rebate offers, please check for additional restrictions as well as the retailer's site. We are updating this page regularly, but in case you found an error, please let us know