If you are not sure whether PureVision contacts are right for you, you might want to consider getting a free trial pair. PureVision Free Trial Certificate Example

Go to the PureVision section on the Bausch & Lomb consumer site. You will find a free trial info page for all PureVision contact lenses including PureVision.  After Filling out the form, (it will ask for your first name, last name and your email address) you should see a page containing your lens certificate (as shown on the left). Simply print it out and take it to your eye care professional.

If your eye care professional decides whether and which PureVision lens is right for, simply redeem the certificate for one free trial pair.

Note that this offer is only valid at participating eye care professionals and retailers. An eye exam may be required. Professional fees are not included. Only your eye care professional can determine if PureVision contact lenses are right for you. Void where prohibited by law.