PureVision2 for Presbyopia

With PureVision2 for Presbyopia, Bausch + Lomb scientists have optimized the optical design with a 3-Zone Progressive Design. Upgrade your vision to HD quality! This innovative day and night lens with aspherical design provides clear and sharp vision, even in low light conditions. The proprietary stabilization system ensures excellent vision at all distances and the silicone hydrogel material allows a high level of oxygen to get through to your eye.
A special round-edge design supports the eyelid to glide easily over the lens and as such increases the comfort when wearing them all day or even overnight.
PureVision contact lenses stand for high quality and, based on your eye care professional's advice, can be worn for up to 30 days and nights. A unique surface treatment method ensures a smooth, wettable surface, which is resistant to deposits.