Buying SofLens 38 lenses is easy - basically there are 2 options: You can buy directly from your Eye Care Professional or from one of the larger offline retail stores (including optical chains and mass merchandisers such as Walmart, Target and CostCo) or you can take advantage of buying your contact lenses online. 

Buying online is easy and convenient plus you can find great deals and rebates from online stores.  The competition is fierce, so it pays out to do some research and to hunt for good prices.

Here are some additional tips when buying your SofLens Toric lenses from an online retailer.

How to find a reliable online contact lens store

  • Find out how long the online retailer has been in business.
  • Do they offer a secure online ordering process with multiple payment options?
  • Read what other customers say on consumer review sites.
  • Check their return and customer service policy (is there a 1800 number available?).
  • Consider placing a smaller 'test' order first (i.e. buy 2 boxes).
  • Make sure there are no hidden (consulting) fees and compare total prices including shipping & handling. Also compare prices based on buying larger volumes (i.e. buying 8 boxes instead of 2 boxes can result in significant lower price per box).
  • Call customer service and ask whether they have SofLens Dailies on stock.
  • Factor in mail-in rebates but be aware of their restrictions! I.e. certain rebates are only available to first-time purchasers, other mail-in rebates require the proof of an eye exam.

Ask your eye care professional to give you a copy of the prescription and take note of their office phone numbers. Online retailers will ask for a valid prescription which they usually will verify through a passive validation check with your eye care professional or eye doctor.