Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism - manufactured by Bausch + Lomb Inc. - is a monthly replaceable silicone hydrogel contact lens for the correction of Presbyopia and Astigmatism. These contact lenses combine B&L's uniquely engineered three-zone progressive design with a proven stabilization geometry.

OpticAlign and 3-Zone Progressive Design
3-Zone Progressive Design and OpticAlign

The optic zone in Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism is divided into three distinct power zones, which together deliver exceptional vision for objects at all distances. The near zone is for tasks like checking your phone or reading a book, while the intermediate zone is perfect for activities like computer work or sitting and chatting with your friends at the table. The distance zone will help you putting objects in focus when sitting in a car, being outdoors, or enjoying the scenery from your deck. When evaluating the power across these optic zones it demonstrates a high level of consistency which helps concentrate light energy to meet sustained and dynamic vision tasks.

OpticAlign - the toric geometry of Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism - stabilizes the lens with the eye's natural blink. As the upper eyelid moves elliptically and the lower eyelid moves side-to-side, the unique ballasted design reduces lens rotation and keeps the lens in place.

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism - Parameters and Specs

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism

Product Image Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Release Date Jun 2019
Prescription Parameters
Replacement Schedule Monthly
Wearing Details info Daily wear
Sphere Powers -6.00D to +4.00D in 0.25 steps
ADD Powers info Low: +0.75D to +1.50D
High: +1.75D to +2.50D
Cylinders info -0.75D, -1.25D, -1.75D, -2.25D, -2.75D
Axes info For -0.75D, -1.25D, -1.75D:
10° to 180° in 10° steps
For -2.25D, -2.75D:
10º, 20º, 70º, 80º, 90º, 100º, 110º, 160º, 170º, 180º
Base Curves info 8.6 mm
Diameters 14.5 mm
Technical Parameters
FDA Group info V-C
Lens Material Silicone hydrogel
(Samfilcon A)
Lens Design -
Wetting Agents info Yes
% of Material 54%
Water Content 46%
Center Thickness info Unknown
Oxygen Transmissibility info Unknown
Modulus info Unknown
Refractive Index info 1.411
Other Features
Special Features info
UV Blocking info No
Dynamic Light Absorption info No
Visibility Tint Yes
(light blue)
Inside-out Mark Unknown
Packaging, Pricing and Offers
Packaging Details 3 or 6 lenses per box,
immersed in a poloxamine solution
Price Range info $101 - $159 (6 lenses)
Cost per Day info $0.56 - $0.88 (6 lenses)
Online Retailers info - Check with your eye care practitioner for availability and cost