dailies total1 multifocal

Presbyopic patients need a lot from their contact lenses like reducing dryness and discomfort and providing seamless vision. This can present a distinct challenge to find the right contact lenses.

Introduced in September 2016, DAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal, are water gradient daily replaceable contact lenses for patients with presbyopia. The water gradient technology increases the water content from 33% from the core to more than 80% at the outermost surface. This minimizes friction and helps reduce end of day dryness.

According to Alcon, an ultra-smooth hydrophilic surface gel provides outstanding comfort. Part of the Alcon multifocal product portfolio, these lenses feature SmarTears® technology and their so-called profile precision design, optimizing to a wide range of pupil sizes with a smooth progression of power gradients designed for clear and uninterrupted vision: from near to intermediate to distance.