According to Alcon, a revolution in contact lens technology and comfort: DAILIES TOTAL1 start with a highly breathable silicone hydrogel core with a low 33% water content allowing the lens to have a high DK/t value of 156. An inter-penetrating anchoring zone with a hydrophilic polymer network is embedded into the core creating an ultra soft surface gel with essentially no silicone and an average water content over 80%.

In addition - at the outermost surface - extended water loving polymer chains enable the water content to approach 100% water. These loosely cross-linked polymers help the lens maintain outstanding lubricity until the end of the day.

It's the world's first water gradient contact lens with an increase from 33% to over 80% water from the core to the surface. The result is a lens that delivers both superior breath-ability for white and healthy-looking eyes and long lasting lubricity for unprecedented comfort until the end of the day.

Product Image Dailies Total1
Manufacturer Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
a Novartis company
Release Date 2013
Prescription Parameters
Replacement Schedule Daily
Wearing Details Daily wear
Available Sphere Powers coming soon:
+0.50D to +6.00D in 0.25 steps
-0.50D to -6.00D in 0.25 steps
-6.50D to -10.00D in 0.50 steps
Available Base Curves 8.5mm
Available Diameters 14.1mm
Technical Parameters
Lens Material Silicone hydrogel
(Delefilcon A)
Lens Type Spherical
% of Material 67%
% of Water 33%
Center Thickness 0.09mm
Oxygen Transmissibility 156 Dk/t
Modulus 0.7 MPa
Other Features
Special Features - Surface optimization using an ultrasoft, hydrophilic surface gel
- High water content (>80%) at the outermost surface
UV Blocking No
Visibility Tint Visitint®
Inside-out Mark Unknown
Packaging, Pricing and Ratings
Packaging Details 30 lenses per box or
90 lenses per box
in buffered saline with polymeric wetting agents
Online Retail Price $38 - $45 (30 lenses)
$80 - $100 (90 lenses)
Cost per Day $1.26 - $1.50 (30 lenses)
$0.89 - $1.11 (90 lenses)
Consumer Rating ( 110 Votes )
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Common Misspellings

  • Common naming variations and misspellings include Dailies Total One, Dailies Total-1 and Dailies Total 1.