Avaira Toric Contact Lenses from CooperVision

Note: CooperVision has discontinued Avaira Toric!

A replacement alternative is Avaira Vitality Toric with enhanced and new features such as Class 1 UV blocking and a high water content.


What are the Features and Benefits of Avaira Toric Contacts?

  • Aquaform Technology keeps your Avaira Toric lenses moist and transmits high levels of oxygen to your eye.  The extremely breathable material helps your eyes stay clear, white, and healthier. Unlike other contact lenses, Avaira Toric don't require an additional wetting agent.
  • Avaira Toric contacts block at least 75% of UVA radiation and 99% UVB radiation across the spectrum.
  • The visibility tint (light blue) supports an easier handling.

Who should wear Avaira Toric?

  • Avaira Toric are designed for people with Astigmatism - a common impaired eyesight condition resulting from irregular conformation of the cornea.
  • If you are looking for a contact lens, that offers UVA and UVB blocking, Avaira Toric is a perfect choice.  If you thought that you could not wear contact lenses because of astigmatism, try Avaira Toric. 

What else should you know about Avaira Toric?

  • The standard diameter is 14.5mm.
  • The base curve is 8.5mm.
  • The center thickness is 0.08 mm to 0.6mm and varies depending on the power.
  • Available powers range from 0.00D to -6.00D in 0.25 steps, and from -6.00D to -12.00D in 0.5 steps.  Additional parameters will be available soon.
  • The axis parameter ranges from 0 to 180 in 10-degree steps.
  • Available cylinders are -0.75D, -1.25D, and 1.75D.

Lens Type

  • Avaira Toric are disposable soft contact lenses.
  • The replacement schedule is 2 weeks.

Material and other Technical Parameters

  • Avaira Toric Contacts are made of 46% silicone hydrogel (Enafilcon A) and 46% water.
  • The Dk/t value at -3.00D is 91.

Package Details

  • 1 box contains 6 visibly tinted UV blocking lenses.


  • CooperVision, Inc.

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Release Date

  • Avaira Toric was first introduced in June 2010 and has been discontinued.
  • Your eye care professional might consider Avaira Vitality Toric.
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