Optix-now.com, Dec 12, 2009
CooperVision will extend it's line of Avaira silicone hydrogel lenses soon.  This was mentioned during CooperVision's last earnings call.  Robert Weiss - President and CEO - made the following comments:

"In 2010 we will also expand the Avaira brand, our two week modality silicone hydrogel product, by adding a toric. The two week space is primarily a U.S. and to a lesser extent a Japanese phenomena, and one not exhibiting growth in the United States. It remains, however, by far the biggest category in the U.S. accounting for more than 60% of the market. We expect adding a toric followed by a multi-focal will have a halo effect on this brand.

For the Proclear family, which now accounts for 29% of our overall CooperVision revenue, we will continue to emphasize its use as a best in class, non-silicone hydrogel product which is rapidly taking share in the non-silicone hydrogel part of the market, which today still accounts for more than 65% of the $6 billion soft contact lens market worldwide. Our strategy is to leverage the branded family of products and related private labels to target each modality, one day, two week and monthly; in each wear category, sphere, toric and multi-focal; within each geographic territory, Asia Pac, Europe and Americas; and have a best in class, non-silicone hydrogel that targets the 65% but declining non-silicone hydrogel market. That’s Proclear.

With the strength of our Biofinity, Avaira and Proclear brands, we expect to gain share in 2010. We expect the global soft contact lens market to grow 3% to 5% in constant currency and for CooperVision to grow 4% to 6% in constant currency. Given this, we are targeting revenue at the Cooper Companies of $1.1 billion to $1.160 billion or 2% to 7%, with currency having an impact of about 2% plus or minus."

Source: CooperVision Inc. Earnings Transcript, December 9, 2009