MyDay Toric

MyDay Toric is one of CooperVision's latest daily disposable contact lens innovations and with astigmatism being a common condition amongst the population, there are four things that this new silicone hydrogel lens is addressing: clear vision, stable comfort throughout the day, optimal corneal health and last not least convenience and choice within a daily disposable format.

MyDay Toric utilize something called Smart Silicone chemistry which provides a unique naturally wettable silicone hydrogel material that doesn't require additional lens surface treatments or the addition of wetting agents. They use longer chain silicone molecules which provides a much more efficient oxygen transfer through the lens. MyDay Toric also have permanently bonded hydrophilic groups within the silicone molecule itself which gives it the natural wettability and sustains a high level of water content throughout the day.

With a very low modulus (a higher modulus means a stiffer lens) and something called uniform horizontal iso-thickness (which ensures the same thickness on either side of the lens), it further supports the stability of the lens on the eye.