Proclear Multifocal

Proclear Multifocal monthly contact lenses, manufactured by CooperVision since 2005, incorporate PC Technology with phosphorylcholine for moisture retention, ensuring comfort throughout the day. The Balanced Progressive Technology, combined with the D-Lens and N-Lens Design, provides clear and seamless vision for both near and distant objects. These lenses are available at a competitive price point, making them an accessible choice for those with multifocal needs. They offer a wide range of prescription options, including additional options for high prescriptions. The silicone hydrogel material (Omafilcon B) with a 62% water content and a center thickness of 0.16 mm ensures an exceptional blend of comfort and visual acuity.

Proclear Multifocal - Specs and Parameters

Proclear Multifocal

Product Image Proclear Multifocal
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Manufacturer CooperVision
Release Date 2005
Prescription Parameters
Replacement Schedule Monthly
Wearing Details Daily wear
Sphere Powers -6.50D to +6.00D
in 0.25 steps,
-6.50D to -8.00D
in 0.5 steps.
Additional options available for high prescriptions.
ADD Powers +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D, +2.50D plus 3 additional ADD-powers for high prescriptions
Base Curves 8.7 mm
Diameters 14.4 mm
Technical Parameters
FDA Group V-B
Lens Material Silicone hydrogel
(Omafilcon B)
Lens Design D-lens and N-lens with spherical and aspheric optics
Wetting Agents Yes
PC (phosphorylcholine)
% of Material 38%
Water Content 62%
Center Thickness 0.16 mm
Oxygen Transmission 17 Dk/t
Modulus Unknown
Other Features
Special Features
UV Blocking No
Dynamic Light Absorption No
Visibility Tint Yes
(light blue)
Inside-out Mark No
Packaging, Pricing and Offers
Packaging Details 3 or 6 lenses per box
Online Retail Price $74 - $122 (6 lenses)
Cost per Day $0.41 - $0.68 (6 lenses)
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