Why your your eye care business should be included in Online Directories

Why join Optix-now?

The internet has been around for more than 25 years and people are used to online directories like Google My Business, Yellow Pages, and Yelp to search for a certain business. When it comes to vision care, patients are visiting sites where they can find crucial information about vision care products, procedures, eye conditions, and symptoms, while - at the same time - looking for an eye care specific online directory to search for a business in their area.

In a nutshell, online directories are large databases and joining such a directory - in particular, when it is relevant to your type of business - is a great way to get your business promoted. Besides the increased visibility with your dedicated business page, your business appears in the search results, allowing users to find out more about your services and increasing your chances to attract new patients.

There are many reasons why you should get your practice, optometry, eye clinic or optical store added to an online directory:

1. Get your business noticed

As already mentioned, one of the main benefits is to get your business noticed. An online directory and - more so - a niche-specific directory - is a great place where a patient finds an eye care professional that will be suitable to meet their requirements. When they are looking for a certain service (e.g. contact lens fitting, IOL surgery or pediatric eye examination), most of the generic online directories fail and as such a niche-focused directory such as the ECP Finder on optix-now.com provides relevant search results that increase your visibility and your chances of attracting new patients to your site and your business.

2. Improve your SEO rankings

Many online directories allow you to include one or several backlinks to your website, which can significantly help in building your SEO rankings. In addition, these backlinks provide an opportunity to get direct traffic to your site, your facebook page or other social media outlets.

3. Foster your business and online reputation

The role of the internet in building trust, visibility, and reputation is crucial for every eye care business. Patients trust not only the mainstream manufacturer websites (e.g. for contact lenses or eye frames) but also independent unbiased sources where they can share their thoughts and find information about products, reviews, comparisons and ratings from other patients. So it's no surprise that users trust these sources when searching for a local business. After all, these sites are specializing in eye care, eye health, vision care products and services. So, getting your business profile included in these directories confirms that your business is focused and dedicated to vision care and - in return - this supports a positive reputation for your business.

4. Brand expansion

The more your business appears in online directories, search engines such as Google, Bing, and others, the better it is for the visibility, building, and expansion of your brand. Getting your business listed in multiple sites makes it show up more often when patients search for a specific service in your business' proximity. In advertising there is a term called 'eyeballs' which means visibility and frequency in searches. So the more eyeballs the more people see your business and the more comfortable and trustworthy they will be with your brand. When you increase the number of times a new potential patient sees your business, you will significantly boost your new patient acquisition accordingly.

5. Showcase your business

The latest generation of online directories are going way beyond just being a facilitator for users to find a local business. And niche-specific directories can turn your business profile into a stunning showcase with a level of detail and interaction not available in standard directories. In the case of an eye care business, this might include the type of services offered, your medical background and experience, your federal and state credentials/registrations, the contact lens and frame & lens brands sold, the latest technologies used in assessing your eye health, diagnosing medical conditions and symptoms and the treatment of those. So it's not just about your contact details and your opening hours but it's also about a visually stunning experience with a wealth of information about your business.

6. Distribute your business information

Some online directories also offer to register and distribute your business information to other directories and online sources. With a one-stop source you can sync-up the information about your business across the internet, ideally by maintaining ONE source only;

As a user, there is nothing more annoying than making a call to an outdated phone number.


As described, there are many reasons why you should consider including your eye care business in online directories. It will:

  • Increase your visibility and build or expand your brand
  • Increase your reputation
  • Drive more traffic to your site and social network outlets
  • Increase your SEO rankings
  • Attract new patients

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