How can you get the most value from your lenses while experiencing comfortable wear? The answer: Monthly contact lenses.
And for many monthly contact lens wearers this is a challenge. Because most of them experience declining comfort towards the end of that (contact lens) month, often caused by a change in lens hydration.

To compensate for that decline in comfort, many patients use wetting drops, taking breaks or other behaviours. With ACUVUE® VITA® with HydraMax technology and it's eye inspired design, wearers have access to reliable, superior comfort all month long.

What is HydraMax™ technology?

HydraMax is a non coated silicon hydrogel formulation, balanced to maximize and maintain hydration through the lens. The maximum amount of the hydrating agent is being integrated throughout the entire lens, providing comfort from the first day of the month. It also integrates with the eye's natural and beneficial lipids to reduce evaporation and maintain hydration providing lasting comfort throughout the month.