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  2. Markets Insider

    These two entrepreneurs came up with a way for you to get new prescription contact lenses without ever having to...
    Markets Insider
    As an entrepreneur and investor, Wishkovsky decided to innovate the optometry industry using the medium he knows best: Technology. What if contact lens wearers could visit a doctor, renew their prescription, and receive new shipments of contact lenses, ...

  3. CTV News

    How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing contact lenses
    CTV News
    Red, itchy or irritated eyes are all symptoms of contact lens misuse. Proteins in tears can build up on the contact lens, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the eye. “Sometimes your body can recognize the proteins as foreign, so you can have reactions ...

  4. ExtremeTech

    This Contact Lens Could Lets You Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes
    A team from the University of St Andrews in Scotland say they've developed a thin film organic laser-emitting layer that can work on almost any surface. The researchers even added it to a contact lens that could sit on your eye. Firing lasers from your ...
    Experimental contact lenses could have you shooting lasers from your
    These contact lenses could turn you into SupermanThe indy100
    Shooting Lasers From Your Eyes, Almost Like Superman, Is Now A RealityForbes

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  5. Digital Trends

    Glowing contact lenses could be the key to stopping diabetic blindness
    Digital Trends
    Remember the early millennium trend for luminous contact lenses which almost appeared to be glowing in the eyes of whoever wore them? Whether it was Marilyn Manson or the WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio, these uncanny valley lenses were a hallmark of ...

  6. Digital Trends

    These contact lenses use a stunningly simple technique to correct color blindness
    Digital Trends
    Color-blindness, also known as color vision deficiency or CVD, affects approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women around the world. It's an incurable, inherited condition that makes it difficult to distinguish between certain colors. Fortunately ...

  7. Digital Trends

    Experimental contact lenses could let you shoot lasers from your eyes. Seriously
    Digital Trends
    They've developed ultrathin, bendable laser stickers which can be adhered to an eyeball, via contact lens — as shown in a recent demo using a cow's eye. Because the laser lenses can be made to emit a well-defined combination of several wavelength of ...

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    Reed: Contact lenses helped me win Masters
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Patrick Reed says a much-needed visit to the eye doctor and his first pair of corrective lenses may have been the secret to his breakthrough Masters victory last month. The doctor's visit led to Reed getting a new pair of contact ...
    Patrick Reed credits new contact lenses with helping him win the
    Masters 2018: The real reason Patrick Reed won the green jacket? He wore contact lenses for the first
    Patrick Reed started wearing contact lenses a week before Masters
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  9. Risks of over wearing contact lenses
    "Giant conjunctivitis; our contact lenses are like sponges, so they soak up anything in our tears and they get stuck to our lenses. Our lids have to blink over that every day and it can create bumps under the eyelid which sets up an infection. The ...

  10. Golf Channel

    Reed finally can read the greens thanks to contact lenses
    Golf Channel
    Reed finally can read the greens thanks to contact lenses. Patrick Reed owes his Masters victory to his new contact lenses and his wife Justine for making him get an eye exam. show less. PlaylistTrending. Reed finally can read the greens thanks to ...

  11. New development in contact lenses for red-green color blindness using simple dye
    Science Daily
    Researchers at the University of Birmingham have developed a contact lens that may help people with colour blindness simply by using a low cost dye, according to research published today (26 April 2018) in the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials.

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