Contact Lens News

  1. ROCHESTER, N.Y.—Clerio Vision, a developer of laser-based vision correction solutions, has acquired Hydrogel Vision Corporation (HVC). Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction brings together HVC’s long-standing expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of high performance contact lenses with Clerio’s innovative product pipeline, Clerio said in a statement issued today. HVC, founded in 2002, is best known for its Extreme H2O product line and its multiple differentiated offerings that personalize the contact lens wearing experience.
  2. PLEASANTON, Calif.—In the midst of various efforts to improve its global sustainability efforts, CooperVision Inc. earlier this month published a series of four short videos relating to these sustainability programs. The contact lens company noted it believes providing access to the videos, even in their short form, will resonate more meaningfully with eyecare professionals, partners and others around the world. The company’s multiple environmental initiatives are focused on: saving water and conserving energy; reducing, reusing and recycling resources; and empowering people within the company and the communities in which it operates.
  3. LAKE ZURICH, Ill.—Services are planned for long-time contact lens and marketing executive, Thomas F. Steiner, 73, who passed away on Dec. 6 after a long illness. Steiner spent 35 years as a visionary marketing executive in the optical industry with Wesley Jessen and CIBA Vision, and later started a business as a marketing consultant. Among his many accomplishments was his involvement in the launch of cosmetic color contact lenses, and the creation of several unique strategic programs for educating optometrists about the business aspects of practice. He was a mentor to many in the industry.
  4. MULLICA HILL, N.J—OcuMedic, Inc., the first developer of therapeutic lens for the delivery of drugs for the global ophthalmic market, announced their Contact Drug Delivery System, received a patent by the European Patent Offices, according to a release from the company. The patent will cover all intellectual property of the company’s timed-released delivery of drugs directly to the eye through prescription soft-contact lenses. President and CEO of OcuMedic, Inc., Keith D. Ignotz, said, “The European patent extends the company’s intellectual property coverage to the important European market valued at $16.7 billion annually, growing by 5.6 percent CAGR by 2023, according to Allied Market Research.
  5. FORT WORTH, Texas—The “new” Alconthat emerges from a planned spin-off from Novartis(NYSE: NVS) in the first half of 2019 will look much like “a $7 billion start-up” with a rapt focus on innovation and R&D as it attempts to address ongoing changes in the delivery of eyecare, chief executive officer David Endicott said this week at the company’s Innovation for Better Vision session.
  6. NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J.—Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) on Tuesday reported that its sales rose 10.6 percent to $20.8 billion in the second quarter, due in part to a 19.9 percent sales increase in its pharmaceutical business segment. On an operational basis, the company’s overall sales increase was 8.7 percent, and the positive impact of currency was 1.9 percent, according to the announcement. Domestic sales increased 9.4 percent, while international sales rose 11.8 percent, reflecting operational growth of 7.9 percent and a positive currency impact of 3.9 percent.
  7. FORT WORTH, Texas—Alcon expects to build upon its 70 years of history in this Texas metro area following its spinoff from parent company Novartis in 2019, the eyecare group’s new chief executive officer has said. “Fort Worth is where Alcon was born more than 70 years ago, and we look forward to building on our legacy here following the proposed spinoff,” chief executive officer David Endicott said in a statement to the Star-Telegram of Fort Worth earlier this week.
  8. CARLSBAD, Calif.—The board of directors of SynergEyes, Inc. has appointed Bob Ferrigno as chief executive officer, effective June 27.
  9. BRIDGEWATER, N.J.—Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health company, announced that it has entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with Tangible Science, LLC, a company whose mission is to create technologies that improve the contact lens wearing experience.
  10. CARLSBAD, Calif.—SynergEyes, a leading hybrid specialty contact lens company, announced a new partnership with the Brien Holden Vision Institute,  the leading translational vision correction center which delivers advanced, customized vision correction for myopes and presbyopes. The exclusive worldwide licensing agreement will enable the manufacturing of design technologies developed by Brien Holden Vision Institute, augmenting the SynergEyes presbyopic package by offering the latest designs on the hybrid contact lens platform. With around half of the world’s population predicted to be myopic by 2050, and with the U.S. Baby Boomer generation now fully presbyopic, it is crucial that technological innovation in contact lens design and manufacturing is translated into high performance products to manage these visual deficiencies, the announcement said.