SmartShield® is a proprietary technology developed by Alcon Inc. and implemented in the Air Optix product family.

It is based on a consistent protective layer which covers the outer surface of the lens. Its purpose is to reduce the silicone material being directly exposed. It delivers a more hydrophilic and moisture supporting environment that resists lipid deposits with the goal of increased and consistent comfort. All AIR OPTIX contact lenses are equipped with the biocompatible, chemically bonded SmartShield® Technology.

SmartShield® Technology further explained

The build-up of deposits can interrupt comfortable daily wear and a compromised lens surface may be at the root of the issue. Some contact lens surfaces change with wear and expose the lens to deposits which can cause the lenses to feel dry and uncomfortable over time. The proprietary surface is bonded to the contact lens creating a smooth continuous lens surface that maintains its integrity and provides comfort throughout the wearing period. This surface allows tears to spread evenly over the lens which promotes moisture retention and acts as a protective barrier for the lens to help resist deposit buildup. As a result, lenses with Smartshield® resist deposits and stay wettable for comfortable wear throughout the month with a clear vision and consistent comfort.

SmartShield® was introduced in 2008 as part of the rollout of the first Air Optix contact lenses.

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