AquaComfort® is a proprietary, blink-activated moisture technology developed by Alcon Inc. and implemented in the DAILIES AquaComfort product family.

The technology combines three moisturizing agents that result in a stable pre-lens tear film (the pre-lens tear film is the top surface of the lens which interacts with the inside layer of your eyelid when you blink). The first agent is the cushioning lubricant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or HPMC, a primary ingredient in many eye drops.The lens is bathed in HPMC within the packaging saline for initial comfort upon insertion. This comfort is enhanced by a second wetting agent called polyethylene glycol or PEG, which is commonly found in lubricating drops. PEG is released through passive diffusion from within the lens matrix. The third ingredient of this blink-activated moisture technology is the release of polyvinyl alcohol or PVA, a high-molecular-weight moisturizing agent that is both cross-linked within the lens material and free-floating within the lens matrix.

AquaComfort Plus® further explained

As the eye blinks, chains of extremely wettable unbound PVA are actively released and are spreading over the lens to renew the surface. This mechanism was designed to mimic the constant release and renewal of the mucin layer of the tear film. By taking a closer look at the natural eye we see that the rough innately hydrophobic surface of the cornea is covered in a layer of hydrophilic mucins that dangle off the surface and hold on to water. These mucins are constantly released and replaced, providing structure and protection to the tear film. The AquaComfort Plus technology simulates this by constantly releasing PVA throughout the day, facilitating pre-lens tear film stability. Maintaining a stable tear film is not only important for a comfortable lens wearing experience but is also essential for optimal visual acuity. After all, it is the surface of the tear film that first refracts light and provides good optics and the AquaComfort Plus technology promises tear film stability with a longer pre-lens, non-invasive tear film breakup time.

AquaComfort Plus® was introduced in 2008 as part of the rollout of the first DAILIES AquaComfort Plus contact lenses.

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