Aquaform® is a group of technologies and features developed by CooperVision Inc. and originally introduced with the Biofinity lenses in 2007.

It is comprised of the following: First, a silicone hydrogel based lens material (Comfilcon A) that supports a high level of oxygen get through the lens to your eyes. This material comes with a high oxygen transmissibility value of up to 160Dk/t. Second, a low modulus (e.g. the modulus of Biofinity and Biofinity Energys is 0.75 MPa) which makes the lens soft and comfortable. Third, a non-coated molecular structure that locks water molecules into the lens, promising to keep the lenses and eyes moist even after many days into the wearing cycle. And last not least an edge design that allows your eyelids to interact without rubbing too much on the inside.

CooperVision Lenses with Aquaform® Technology

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Biofinity Toric Multifocal - Parameters and Specs

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Biofinity vs Biofinity Energys

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