PC Technology is a phosphorylcholine based lens hydration technology that was developed by CooperVision Inc. and introduced in 1997 with the first product of the Proclear family. It has since been included in other products such as all of the Proclear 1-day lenses. Lenses with this technology come with an FDA cleared claim saying "... may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms related to dryness during lens wear associated with Evaporative Tear Deficiency or from Aqueous Tear Deficiency". An example of this claim can be found on the FDA site looking at this pre-market notification for Proclear.
While this technology is also used in medical devices such as cardiac stents to reduce inflammation and improve biocompatibility, the phosphorylcholine containing molecules mimic substances of the human eye.
Lenses with PC Technology promise to retain up to 96% of the original lens content even after 12 hours of wearing them. In addition, they maintain the performance of the tear film to provide a more natural barrier to resist protein deposits and to reduce eye irritations.

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