HydraGlyde® is a contact lens wetting technology developed by Alcon Inc. It was introduced in 2016 with the roll-out of Air Optix with HydraGlyde®.
It is based on a moisture matrix (a PVP/PEG based wetting agent) that keeps the surface of the lens hydrated for a longer time. Alcon lenses with HydraGlyde® combine two technologies. While the SmartShield® technology creates an smooth and protective outer surface that protects against disruptive deposits, HydraGlyde® surrounds the lens with an additional level of moisture. According to the manufacturer, lenses with HydraGlyde® benefit from the same wetting component that is contained in some of their premium contact lens care products (e.g. CLEAR CARE® PLUS).

Contact Lenses with HydraGlyde®

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