SMARTSURFACE® Technology is a technology developed by Alcon Inc. currently found in the PRECISION1 product family.
It was introduced in 2019 and is a result of Alcon's expertise in water-surface technologies.

SmartSurface Technology

SMARTSURFACE® is based on a special manufacturing process involving a series of liquid baths filled with water-loving polymers. This aqueous solution slightly expands the lens material creating small shallow lens pores in the two to three-micron thick lens surface. The water-loving polymer polyacrylic acid (PAA) penetrates the open pores and is locked into place creating a micro-thin layer of moisture.

This lock-in process takes place in an additional bath during the manufacturing process. In addition, with the lens in the blister pack, a special heating process is applied to complete the SMARTSURFACE building process by crosslinking the PAA poymer with wetting agents consisting of copolymers of polyamidoamine (PAE)and polyacrylamide-acrylic acid (PAAm-PAA).

This increases the moisture level from 51% in the core to over 80% at the lens surface.

Alcon lenses with SMARTSURFACE® Technology

PRECISION1 - Parameters and Specs

Now available through select eye care professionals in the US and already widely available in Australia and New...

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