Auto Align Design is a contact lens stabilization system developed by Bausch & Lomb Inc. and introduced in 2011.
After studying a large variety of blink and eye mechanics and the resulting interactions of the lens with the cornea, Bausch and Lomb designed a lens geometry that utilizes a specific combination of thicker and thinner zones with the goal to improve stability. Any movement, whether it's your eyelid gliding over your contact lens up or down, fast or slow, or as your eyes are moving up, down, left, or right, might impact the position of the lens on your eye. The goal of this design is to minimize any shifting or rotation, stabilize a central position and enable quick alignment into position when inserting the lens.

Contact Lenses with Auto Align Design

With PureVision Toric lenses, Bausch + Lomb pioneered the way for reducing spherical aberration in...