ActivControl is a contact lens technology developed by CooperVision for the management of childhood nearsightedness (myopia). As presented in various clinical studies, ActivControl can control the progression of myopia. This was acknowledged by the FDA in November 2019 with the market approval of the first contact lens featuring ActivControl.

ActivControl is based on a ring structure combining distance correction zones with peripheral treatment zones. These treatment zones create a myopic retinal defocus that has shown to control the rate of progression of myopia.

Integrated into a daily disposable soft contact lens, ActivControl technology provides an option for parents to slow the progression of their children's myopia while they can wear contact lenses without the hassle of a strict overnight lens cleaning routine.

Lenses with ActiveControl Technology

MiSight 1 day contact lenses from CooperVision are the first daily disposable contact lenses that were approved by...