Maybe it’s getting harder to see small print on your computer or cell phone or read a menu in low light. Or you strain to focus on close-up handy work around the house. It's called Presbyopia. Over time the lens inside your eyes becomes less flexible making it harder to focus up close. It's normal and eventually everybody gets it.

You could throw inexpensive reading glasses over your trusted contact lenses or get progressive glasses and give up contact lenses completely. But these days, for most active adults they can kind of get in a way. So you want to stay as active and social as always but until now contact lenses for Presbyopia have given mixed results.

Monovision Designs

With monovision one eye wears a lens for distance and the other gets one for seeing close-up. The downside: It can interfere with depth perception, night vision and intermediate distance vision.

Spheric Progressive Designs

Spheric progressive designs offer a seamless progression of near, in-between and distant vision but since the pupil sizes are affected by lighting conditions, blur can occur when it's really bright or dim.

Ring Designs

Ring designs feature concentric rings for near and distant vision but the distinct borders between these ring zones may give you ghosting effects or halos, especially at night.

Stereo Precision Technology®

Stereo Precision Technology is a unique multifocal design that is available with ACUVUE OASYS® for PRESBYOPIA contact lenses. It combines the advantages of spheric design lenses and ring designs while cutting down on the cons. It works with your eyes natural function providing a balanced vision near, far and between with less interference in varying lighting conditions.

Lenses with Stereo Precision Technology®

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