Johnson & Johnson Vision Care launches a new product within the ACUVUE brand name. ACUVUE RevitaLens is the first multi-purpose disinfecting contact lens solution (MPDS) carrying the ACUVUE brand name and marks the first time the brand name is assigned to a product other than a contact lens.
ACUVUE RevitaLens provides disinfection and all-day comfort to patients using non-daily disposable contact lenses such as bi-weekly or monthly replaceable lenses. The product utilizes a dual-disinfecting chemical that is gentle on the eyes but gets rid of harmful germs, deposits, and bacteria. It is available from major retailers and from eye care professionals.

ACUVUE RevitaLensACUVUE RevitaLens multi-purpose disinfecting solution provides high-quality peroxide-like disinfection with the simplicity, comfort, and convenience of an advanced multi-purpose solution, giving consumers a fresh lens feeling every morning and comfort that lasts all day.
According to a recent study by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, 90 percent of contact lens wearers said it was effective in keeping their contact lenses feeling comfortable, and 94 percent found it effective in keeping their contacts clean.
ACUVUE RevitaLens works with all major bi-weekly and monthly replaceable contact lenses.
"I believe it's a pivotal time in the eye health space, and we have amazing potential as we boldly innovate to expand our best-in-class portfolio of products and services. The addition of ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS to our portfolio is an exciting advancement. It's the first contact lens solution progressive enough to carry the ACUVUE® brand name," said Thomas Swinnen, President, North America, Johnson & Johnson Vision.

Johnson & Johnson Visio Care's official press release can be found here.

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