2018 was another exciting year for the industry with new product introductions, various company acquisitions and improved/new online experiences for all contact lens patients around the world.

We believe this innovation trend will accelerate even more in 2019, and so we are coming up with a list of exciting predictions what we believe will stir up the industry.

 So here we go:

1. First contact lens with transitions

We already know that Johnson & Johnson Vision Care will launch the first auto-dimming contact lens product in the world. We think that Acuvue Oasys with Transitions will hit the US market in June/July 2019 and we can't wait to review this lens and get feedback from early-adopter patients. How will these lenses work indoors and outside and in various lighting conditions are just some of the questions we are looking forward to getting answers for.

2. Toric Multi-Focal Lenses

2019 will also mark the year of the introduction of toric multifocal lenses by at least two of the major brand manufacturers. One will be Bausch & Lomb for sure and our bet is on CooperVision for the other. With an aging population, the market is now ripe to introduce this new class of lenses, that combine the correction of age-related presbyopia and astigmatism.

3. Re-Branding

We think that one of the Big Fours (Acuvue, Alcon, B+L, or CooperVision) will undergo a major re-branding exercise. While logos won't be impacted, we will see the launch of a brand new online presence as well as a re-design of the packaging of some of their product lines.

And, what will keep us busy here at Optix-now? Well, we have big plans to extend our online presence.

4. Product information and comparisons

Optix-now is already the number one destination for the most detailed reference data for many major contact lens products. As new products will be introduced by the brand manufacturers, we will add additional spec sheets, and comparisons, so you - the patient - and you - the eye care professional are always well informed.

5. ECP Finder

We will be launching a brand new tool so you can easily find an eye care practitioner in your area. We will start with more than 15,000 practitioners covering the US and Canada and will be adding other countries throughout the year. You will be able to search and filter using a whole bunch of filters such as business type, offered services, specialties, by radius, zipcode, city and more.
While Eye Care Practitioners can get a very basic profile for free, we will also offer a highly engaging, very detailed and beautifully looking profile page covering business hours, doctor information, image and video gallery (so you can promote your business), affiliations and much more.

Last, not least we are always happy to hear from our users and practitioners, so if there is anything we can do to improve the site and experience, just let us know.