Is BJ's Optical worth a visit?

BJ's Optical is a leading destination within BJ's Wholesale Club, offering comprehensive eye care services and a wide selection of eyewear options to customers located across the eastern part of the United States. With a network of more than 180 locations, BJ's Optical provides access to everything from routine eye exams to cost-effective, stylish frames, contact lenses, and specialty lenses. BJ's Optical locations are conveniently located within BJ's Wholesale Clubs, which require a membership similar to CostCo and Sam's Club. Through licensed and independent optometrists, they provide accessible and affordable eye exams and eye care solutions for individuals and families.

An Overview of BJ's Wholesale and BJ's Optical

BJ's Wholesale was founded in 1984 in Westborough, Massachusetts. Initially, it was known as BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. and has since grown to become a prominent membership-only warehouse club chain with approximately 200 locations in 17 eastern states in the United States. BJ's Wholesale is celebrated for its value-oriented approach, extensive product/service offerings, and membership benefits, making it a popular destination for individuals and families looking to save money on everyday essentials and big-ticket items.

What’s Available at BJ's Optical?

As part of the larger BJ's Wholesale Club, BJ's Optical provides convenient access to quality eye care. Members can benefit from a range of services including professional routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, and consultations with experienced optometrists. Whether you require an eye exam, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, or specialty lenses, BJ's Optical aims to meet your vision needs within the majority of BJ's wholesale locations (Note that not all locations have an optical department).

BJ's Optical at a Glance

  • Large network with over 180 locations
  • Optometry services and a solid range of eyewear solutions all in one place
  • Online store and online eye exam booking
  • Very high customer satisfaction rating
  • Attractive bundles for frames and glasses
  • Limited availability of well-known eye wear brands
  • No bundles for eye exam plus glasses

Eye Exams at BJ's Optical

By offering eye exams within the BJ's Wholesale Club environment, BJ's Optical provides added convenience for customers. You can schedule your eye exam with an independent optometrist during your regular shopping trip or online.

Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses from BJ's Optical

BJ's Optical special offers and promotions

The majority of frames found at BJ's are from their own private label brand Berkley Jensen. As for contact lenses you can buy all major brands such as Acuvue Oasys, Dailies Total 1, Bausch Infuse, Biofinity, Purevision, MyDay and BioTrue in-store or through BJ's online store. In addition there is also a youth and kid focused selection of frames rounding up their top-quality yet affordable product portfolio. BJ's Optical offers a variety of special package deals for adults and kids. An adult single vision complete pair package starts at $99.99, while a progressive package starts at $199.99. These packages include a $39.99 frame and either $60 basic single vision lenses or $160 basic progressive lenses. For kids, there are single vision frame and glasses packages starting at $99.99, which include a $39.99 frame and $60 lenses. Customers can also upgrade the frames or lenses for an additional cost. Product selection, availability, and pricing may vary by location, so we recommended to check with the local BJ's Optical department or visit in person to get the most up-to-date information. Check out the .

How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost at BJ's Optical?

The cost of an eye exam at BJ's Optical can vary depending on factors such as location and the specific services required. Typically, their pricing is competitive and transparent, making quality eye care accessible and fair. For detailed pricing, it's best to call your local BJ's Optical location and ask for an eye exam quote. We reached out to 12 different locations and found out that the typical cost for a routine eye exam is $75 and an additional $25 for contact lens fitting.

Making an Appointment at BJ's Optical

BJ's Optical Online Appointment

Booking an appointment at BJ's Optical is a straightforward and convenient process. Customers have the flexibility to either call the optical department directly or use the user-friendly online scheduling tool available on the BJ's Optical website, which is powered by a third-party booking provider.

The scheduling process entails selecting the preferred BJ's Optical location, choosing the desired service, finding an available time slot that works for you, and then confirming the appointment by providing the necessary patient details. This streamlined approach ensures that patients can easily access the eye care they require with minimal effort or inconvenience.

Find out if there is a BJ's with an optical department nearby with our Practitioner Finder.

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What Insurance Does BJ's Optical Accept?

BJ's Optical accepts a wide range of vision insurance plans to help make comprehensive eye care more affordable and accessible for their patients. Popular insurance providers like VSP, EyeMed, and others are commonly accepted at BJ's Optical locations. Insurance acceptance may however vary depending on the specific BJ's Optical location. To ensure your insurance plan is accepted, it's best to confirm with your local BJ's Optical department about the specific insurance plans they honor.

BJ's Optical accepts most national vision insurance plans such as:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • DavisVision
  • EyeMed
  • Humana
  • SuperiorVision
  • United Healthcare
  • VSP

If you have vision insurance but are unsure of your specific carrier, the staff at BJ's Optical can help locate your benefits for most major vision insurance providers.

How Much Do Glasses and Contact Lenses Cost at BJ's?

Is it worth buying contact lenses at BJ's Optical?

BJ's Optical offers both in-store and online contact lens options, but the answer to whether they're the best deal varies. While some lenses are competitively priced, others are pricier compared to online specialty retailers. We suggest checking the latest prices using our Lowest Price Finder for Contact Lenses. Here are a few examples, based on prices researched in April 2024:

Price at BJ's OpticalLowest price found
1-Day Acuvue Moist, 30 lenses$32.99$35.06
Check Prices
Acuvue Oasys, 12 lenses$69.99$66.39
Check Prices
Dailies Total 1, 90 lenses$99.99$96.80
Check Prices

What about buying glasses at BJ's Optical?

The cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses at BJ's Optical depends on factors like the brand, lens type, and any additional features you choose. While some might find the selection of frames rather limited, the pricing is competitive: 3 out of 4 frames cost $50 - $100. Lens packages start at $60 for simple polycarbonate lenses and $180 for lenses that are scratch resistent, anti-reflective, and provide UV and HEVL filtering. Regarding their eyewear selection, BJ's Optical offers a small variety of styles and brands, including their own private label brand Berkley Jensen and the low-cost brand Club Decode. If you are looking for a larger variety including some prestigious names like Armani, Versace, Ray-Ban and Oakley you will be out of luck. Buy the way: You don't need to book an eye exam in order to buy glasses or contact lenses. Just provide a copy of a valid prescription and you are good to go.

Customer Reviews

BJ's Optical Rating

To assess the level of customer satisfaction with BJ's Optical, we conducted a thorough review of ratings and feedback from over 120 of their locations. On a scale of 1 to 5, BJ's Optical maintains an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5. Notably, thousands of individual ratings exceed the 4.7 mark, which clearly demonstrates BJ's Optical's unwavering commitment to providing dedicated, personalized, and high-quality vision care services to their customers.

Final Thoughts

BJ's Optical, part of the BJ's Wholesale Club Network, is a trusted optometry chain known for its commitment to providing high-quality, low-cost eye care and eyewear to its members. With over 180 locations across the East Coast, BJ's Optical is dedicated to delivering personalized care at affordable prices. While their eyewear selection may be somewhat limited, they have established themselves as a go-to destination for comprehensive, low-cost eye care. Contact your nearest BJ's Optical to learn more about their services, pricing, appointment scheduling, and insurance coverage.

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